Pure Organic 95% Curcumin Powder - 1500mg of Turmeric Extract Buffered with Black Pepper
Pure Organic 95% Curcumin Powder - 1500mg of Turmeric Extract Buffered with Black Pepper
Pure Organic 95% Curcumin Powder - 1500mg of Turmeric Extract Buffered with Black Pepper
Pure Organic 95% Curcumin Powder - 1500mg of Turmeric Extract Buffered with Black Pepper

Pure Organic 95% Curcumin Powder - 1500mg of Turmeric Extract Buffered with Black Pepper

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Organic Moringa Leaf Powder

100% pure organic Moringa leaf powder: No fillers of any kind! Our plants have no chemical additives, such as pesticides. It is a 100% natural product. There are no known side effects of Moringa powder.


  • Boost your immune system,
  • Support the metabolism and the cell structure of the body.
  • Strengthen the cardiovascular system,
  • Detoxify the body of toxins
  • Promote proper digestion and the normal function of the liver and the kidneys
  • supports normal blood sugar levels in the body
  • Promote a better sleep and give a feeling of general well-being
  • support the body's anti-inflammatory mechanisms, have a positive effect on healthy weight loss and rejuvenate energy and vitality.
  • detoxifying
  • Provides Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory Compounds
  • Balances Hormones and Slows the Effects of Aging
  • Helps Improve Digestive Health
  • Balances Blood Sugar Levels, Helping Fight Diabetes
  • Protects and Nourishes the Skin
  • Helps Stabilize Your Mood and Protects Brain Health


Moringa leaf powder contains 13 different vitamins, minerals, and about 20 types of amino acids by nature.

  • Vitamins: Vitamin A (Alpha & beta carotene), vitamin B (choline), vitamin B1 (thiamin), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin B6 (Pyrodixine), vitamin B7 (biotin), vitamin B9 (folate), vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin), vitamin C (Ascorbic acid), vitamin D (Cholecalciferol), vitamin E (tocopherol), vitamin K.
  • Minerals: Iron, calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, sulphur, zinc
  • Essential amino acids: Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, Valine

Traditionally used take 4g of Moringa powder per day to provide the body with all essential vitamins and minerals.

Over 1,300 studies, articles and reports have focused on moringa benefits and this plants healing abilities that are important in parts of the world that are especially susceptible to disease outbreak and nutritional deficiencies. Research shows that just about every part of the moringa plant can be utilized in some way, whether its to make a potentantioxidanttea or produce an oily substance that lubricates and nourishes the skin. Throughout the world, moringa is used for treating such widespread conditions as:

  • inflammation-related diseases
  • cancer
  • diabetes
  • anemia
  • arthritis and other joint pain, such as rheumatism
  • allergies and asthma
  • constipation, stomach pains and and diarrhea
  • epilepsy
  • stomach and intestinal ulcers or spasms
  • chronic headaches
  • heart problems, including high blood pressure
  • kidney stones
  • fluid retention
  • thyroid disorders
  • low sex drive
  • bacterial, fungal, viral and parasitic infections

Moringa is an excellent source of protein, vitamin A, potassium, calcium and vitamin C. Just how strong is moringa? According to Kuli Kuli, an organization that harvests moringa plants in Africa and makes them accessible to customers in the the U.S. and other western nations, gram for gram, moringa contains:

  • two times the amount of protein of yogurt
  • four times the amount of vitamin A as carrots
  • three times the amount ofpotassiumas bananas
  • four times the amount ofcalciumas cows milk
  • seven times the amount of vitamin C as oranges


Nutra Nourished Organic Moringa Leaf Capsules are made with naturally dried Moringa Leaf Powder.


For general well-being the general recommendation for adults is to take the suggested dosage of 2g per day.
Nutra Nourished MoringaPowder is 100% Pure Organic.

Each bag contains 100% Natural Organic Moringa Leaf Powder.

Free From
sugar, dairy, lactose, gluten, wheat, yeast, starch, soy, nuts, animal products.

No Added
Preservatives, artificial colours and artificial flavours

Always read the label and follow the directions for use.
Always consult with your Health Professional before taking this Herbal Food.
Not to be taken when child-bearing or breastfeeding
Not to be used in children under the age of 18
This Herbal Food does not replace a Balanced Diet.
Always read the label & follow the directions for use. This food is not a sole source of nutrition and should be consumed in conjunction with a nutritious diet. Avoid this product if you are allergic or sensitive to any of the ingredients.


Our Premium Dietary Supplements are not a substitute for good nutrition or a balanced diet. They are not in any way superior to or more beneficial than dietary nutrients.


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